About Metamorphosis

The founder of Metamorphosis, Robert St. John, realized that the patterns of tension in the world never really change. We cure one illness, we create another. We end one war or conflict and we start another… Metamorphosis was originally called Prenatal Therapy and evolved over time to be a simple perspective that explains why there is dis-ease, conflict and disharmony.

The hands-on practice is simple and easy to learn. The overall approach is comprehensive, as it helps you with your well-being and your relationships. It is an approach to living in more harmony with yourself and the world around you, and those that embark on this journey find their lives continue to change for the better!

Metamorphosis is a letting go of tension and old ways of looking at healing, conflict and relationships. It is a beautifully simple and deeply profound approach to understanding that we are infused with a level of tension at the moment of conception, via our DNA and various other ethereal energies. This creates a level of unconscious tension that is passed on through generations.

Each person is conceived with their own unique blend, and degree, of tension. This tension registers in the first cell and this cell replicates… and the tension is infused with the bony structure of the head and spine. This underlying tension influences how you develop during gestation, move into life at birth, and how you function throughout life.

The thinking is that this tension is unconscious and is your primary level of tension. Your experience living in the womb, your birth experience, your childhood, etc. are the secondary patterns of tension. The reason is, your ability to cope with the external world, even in the womb, is based on how much tension is within. Those with more tension react to life. Those with less tension have the opportunity to make choices in how they respond to life.

This underlying tension is what creates the patterns of tension that we view as negative personality traits, symptoms of all sorts, our issues, conflicts, etc. When you hear someone refer to another as very reactive, they are experiencing the level of tension within that person. The reaction is unconscious and compulsive and the ability to choose to act differently isn’t there, until the tension eases.



The diagram above gives helps you visualize this concept. The distance between the hands is the degree of tension a person has to push past in order to function in daily life. The left hand represents your relationship to your inner world and the right hand represents your relationship to the outer world. Everyone leans towards being more inward or more outward. The closer you are to the center, the more balanced you are. The underlying tension at conception pushes apart your polarity. The greater the tension within, the more symptoms you have and the harder life is. This explains why people experience life so differently, even in the same household. Those with more tension tend to have relationship problems, struggle with addictions and have more physical issues. Those with tremendous tension are affected during gestation and do not develop normally.

As unconscious tension eases, we feel less stressed. Our past traumas and challenges feel further away and current challenges are easier to deal with. As tension eases, so does depression, pain, anxiety, grief and daily stress. Easing underlying tension helps absolutely everyone feel better, regardless of the degree or severity. Animals also experience underlying tension and are usually receptive to treatments. Pregnant women and their unborn children also benefit. What a gift to work on a pregnant woman! She moves into motherhood with less tension and the child is born with less tension to contend with.

Metamorphosis reminds us that we are all capable of tremendous change and that we can all do this for ourselves and our own families and friends. It is a matter of easing the unconscious layer of tension that is creating challenges in our ability to function as we would like to.