Book & DVD Testimonials

I almost cried when I looked inside and began reading. I am really impressed. I feel so happy that you have portrayed my dad’s work in such a nice way.

- Julietta St. John

It’s great that Cindy has continued with Robert’s work and made a huge effort for understanding Metamorphosis. Cindy’s book is highly regarded here in Northern Europe.

- Anne Kreivi, Finland

I just wanted to tell you how terrific you are! Each time I go through the book, I see how much you put into each sentence.

- Dr. Shoshana Savyon, Israel

I did not expect the book to be so good, as Metamorphosis is a hard subject to write about. The information is accessible without losing the essence and spirit of Metamorphosis. In fact, it is a very good demonstration of the balance of afference and efference. I was delighted by it!

- Angie Lyndon, Australia

Compliments, compliments compliments. Very well written, very clear, I really enjoyed it. Thank you for breathing some fresh air into Meta.

- Jean Magnus, South Africa

This book is a valuable resource not only for understanding the substance of Metamorphosis but for experiencing its spirit as well.

- Nancy Stetson, (student of Robert St. John’s 20+ years)

I bought a copy of your book and it’s really great. Makes the principles very accessible. Clear, well organized and user friendly. My congratulations.

- Michael Edan, New York

Your book is amazing in its clarity. I have studied it from beginning to end 5 times. Thank you for your incredible contribution to my life!

- Ann Payne, Washington

What I have read has impressed me. I just love the book and think you did a wonderful job breaking down the principles and giving explanation to the subtle nuances of this work. I wanted to thank you for putting as much in a written form as you have.

- Kerry Hager Washington

I have started reading and must say, I am really enjoying this. Your book is so easy to read and it makes a few things fall into place. Thank you very much for this wonderful book.

- Inge Fussi, Australia

Your “Introduction to Metamorphosis” is very well-written; it gives me a good and clear understanding about Afference and Efference and their dynamics. After reading your book, I somehow felt a shift in my inner consciousness. Can’t explain it but I certainly felt that subtle difference.

- Yen Yen, Maylasia

You have really enlightened me with this book about life in general and I can see my patterns and understand the questions I have always had but didn’t know how to put them into words. Metamorphosis is more than I imagined…thanks.

- P.T. Thompkins, Texas

Just finishing up reading the book and watching the DVD. I’m thoroughly touched by the material. It really brought a lot of the ideas together for me that I have been seeking out over the past few years. I am excited to start working on the family. I want to be able to let go of the labels that have been given to each one of us in my house and that is going to be difficult because ours have extended out into the community.

- Patricia Hagelskamp, Indiana

I feel changed in some profound way by reading this book! It was in my dreams at night as I slept sort of swirling around. One morning I held my daughter and worked on her spine.  She can wake up very cranky and then be demanding. I only “worked” with her for about a minute and then she asked again after brushing her teeth. She requested it throughout the week. I love the idea of people being self-healing and I also loved the idea of equality in metamorphosis….that feels so right to me. So thank you for writing the book!  Peace and love,

- Michelle Sedgwick, Massachusetts

Class Testimonials

I want to say that I have enjoyed learning about Metamorphosis through your Online program. I found your presentations covered the material thoroughly and with excellence, and complemented the emailed material, the book, and the DVD. Well done! Thank you.

- Jean Starling, Colorado

It was so interesting to take your online class, such a wonderful way to look at things! What I found interesting is how you repeated information in several different ways, to make it more understandable with each class. You have a nice knack for teaching!

- Ellie Webb, Arizona

This class truly changed my life….I will forever be grateful to you for this change. Since then, I try to apply the Metamorphosis philosophy to everything. I put it in practice! And already, I feel a change in me, a calmness that has never been there before. I don’t react to situations the way I used to.I’ve been talking about it constantly, especially to my husband. I’m very happy to say that he likes the philosophy/logic and the feel of a session. I can’t imagine what I was doing before knowing Meta…. It really helps me on a daily basis. – J.L.

- Moncton, NB Canada

This class changed my whole thinking on healing. It reminded me how natural everything is. Cindy’s presence and way of teaching is also very natural, she is such a warm person.

- Paula Pitkänen, Finland

I was so surprised to like your workshop and the information as much as I did. Thanks for starting me on the path of my own metamorphosis. I am inspired beyond words.

- Cecilia Bennett, Massachuessetts

I took Cindy’s Metamorphosis class with an open mind – not really expecting anything. Reading the book and then participating in the class touched me in a profound way – since I always felt and knew that there must be a simple approach to a balanced life and healing. Metamorphosis has given me an answer and I am looking forward to finding out more! Thank you Cindy!

- Marionna Sabia, Massachuessetts

Your integrity, honesty and presence were a gift and an inspiration. I thank you from the heart.

- Maggie Griffin, New Mexico

I work as an occupational therapist and was surprised that the children in the Autistic spectrum were very receptive to Metamorphosis. These children are very sensitive and don’t usually let me work on them with other approaches. I even had a parent ask me what I was doing differently, as they could feel their child was making noticeable changes.

- K.H., Santa Rosa, California

I loved the class, you did a fantastic job – without notes!! Very impressive. It’s so remarkable that you and Dean are able to put yourselves in such a vulnerable position to make your point. Takes courage to do, and courage to change. Awesome!

- Dot DeCesare, Connecticut

I could not have asked for a nicer, more straightforward, concise, and dedicated teacher! The weekend was fabulous.

- Janet Lee, Maryland

Cindy is a great teacher. She easily leads people through explanation of profound concepts and into an understanding of how they apply to one’s daily life. Simple and so profound! Thank you to Cindy for making this relevant work her life task.

- Petra van Noort, New York

This work has had a real resonance in me, which doesn’t happen very often. The philosophy that drives it, the exquisite combination of complexity and simplicity of it, and the power of it have intrigued me since I first heard about it. It feels like the truth to me and since I am on a constant search for beauty and truth in this world, I have been quite taken. I don’t mean to gush like that, but I want to let you know that your work last weekend was very useful to me. Thank you and keep up the good work. We can never have too much beauty and truth!

- Karen McClure, Missouri

The class has left a profound and reverberating impact on me. I thoroughly enjoyed the simplicity of the format which allowed each of us to absorb the concepts of Metamorphosis.

- Gill Gibbons, New Zealand

Learning Metamorphosis with Cindy was a life changing event for me. Her depth and experience with this method is a profound gift for those who get to work with her.  She is gracious with her time and knowledge. Metamorphosis is so gentle and powerful in my experience, that it is applicable to all who feel called to let it work in their lives. Thank you Cindy for being a keeper and sharer of Metamorphosis!

- Nyla Newman, Colorado

The wonderful thing that has happened is that I have been able to experience a huge shift first hand. My husband and I were going to get divorced and from Saturdays class alone I was able to release a really really huge block and now it looks like we may hang out together for a while yet! Wow!

- Julie, Connecticut

I wished the class never had to end. I felt a deep understanding from your unique way of teaching, and I felt completely calm and serene. Peace always.

- Susan Robinson, Maryland

Your personal and informal way of sharing the wisdom of Metamorphosis brought the work to life for me. Thank you very much for this inspiring class.

- Susanne Hoogwater, Colorado

I thank you with all my heart for guiding me in this deeply liberating work!

- Helena Svedin, Sweden

After spending time in conversation with you, I now have the confidence to begin my practice!

- H.M. – New Zealand

Thank you for a wonderful experience. The class was one of the best classes I have taken. Your training style and explanation of the principles and willingness to answer questions gave me a much better understanding. I am very enthusiastic about Metamorphosis because it is so simple and elegant and, I believe, could help so many.

- Rakhi Cook, California

The Metamorphosis class in New York was such a marvelous and amazing weekend. Since this work is not really a “technique” and we are not addressing the physical body, at first it appears to be abstract and obtuse. In the process of taking it in and “understanding” it, it just makes so much sense on a very DEEP level. It just confirms how much healing takes place without the act of “doing” and with the innate intelligence. Cindy is such a good “teacher” as she imparts her experiences and information in such an understated and clearly profound way. This process will be a very important aspect of my healing work. With gratitude and appreciation,

- Debra Rapoport, New York

Your class was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am working with Metamorphosis as often as I can and things are moving. Thanks so much for everything. The most impressive (and difficult) ‘thing’ about Metamorphosis is allowing, no judgements. It is always a great space to be in. You demonstrate it excellently.

- Judy Wessler, California

Treatment Testimonials

I have found that Metamorphosis treatments offer a greater depth of relaxation than I have received from massage or Reiki. Metamorphosis is a direct and profound method for accessing cellular healing, and I can FEEL it happening. I love working with Cindy, she understands how to stand in neutrality and she does not enter into the session. (2015)

- Arlene Toral, Cloverdale, California

I have had nightmares and night terrors for most of my life as I contend with childhood molestation. I am finally sleeping better and finding genuine intimacy in my life. I am so grateful for Metamorphosis.

- N.C., Santa Rosa, California

After my dog was run over by a car, my grief made me almost catatonic! Working with Metamorphosis brought me back! (2010)

- Carol Cranston, Santa Rosa, California

I found Metamorphosis to help me tremendously during my grief, with my husband at home in the final stages of hospice care. Cindy showed me how to work on my own hands, to help me cope with the situation. I found myself waking up at night working on them in my sleep. What a relief to have assistance without having to talk about it all. (2011)

- Lorena Conroy, Santa Rosa, California

I received Metamorphosis treatments after my daughter committed suicide. I found that the work really helped me cope with my grief during such a difficult situation. (2010)

- Darlene Smith, Santa Rosa, California

My son, who suffers from hyperactivity, has been very receptive to Metamorphosis and is much more relaxed after just a few sessions. (2000)

- Kathy Carson, Sebastopol, California

I almost cried when I received my first treatment, I felt like the part of myself that was missing finally returned! (1997)

- Celia Taylor, Santa Rosa, California

I love the deeper dimension of this approach. Cindy’s hands are magical in sensing the unconscious tensions and it is wonderful to feel the tension ease without dialogue. One needs to experience this wonderful method to know what I am talking about! (2014)

- Roger Rejan, Dublin, California

I was feeling stuck, especially with regard to moving forward with plans to start a business, and I felt I needed help getting unstuck. Something inside me was pushing me to go within to a place beyond words.  I found Metamorphosis online and felt drawn to this approach. I found Cindy to be quite likable from the moment we met. During my first session, I felt like a baby being cared for and cradled by a loving mother, it was a profound experience. I have been receiving treatments weekly for a few months now and I feel things subtly shifting in a way that I cannot put into words. My business plans are coming into view with a few unexpected changes due to shifts within myself. If you find yourself drawn to try Metamorphosis, I urge you to follow your inner guidance. (2015)

- Catherine White, Marin, California