Metamorphosis Treatments

Metamorphosis treatments are typically very relaxing. As deep chronic tension eases, people often feel more relaxed than they do after a massage.

Metamorphosis is a profound catalyst, allowing you to do your own internal process of letting go of unconscious tension. It is your innate intelligence that responds, bypassing your intellect, easing your deepest layer of tension.

With Metamorphosis, the only thing we are treating is tension. The tension is unconscious, so there isn’t any need to analyze, discuss or work on your issues.

Metamorphosis is not about curing or healing, it is about easing underlying tension and in doing so, our symptoms, no matter how severe, start to ease.

Using gentle touch, we work on the bony structure of the feet, hands, head, and directly on the spine. You remain fully clothed during the process, with the exception of your feet.

Metamorphosis is comprehensive, it works with all aspects of your being. The feet and spine address the primary patterns of tension behind the discomfort and dis-ease in your life. The head addresses tension in relation to thinking. This is often experienced as headaches, analyzing, worrying, over thinking, can’t stop thinking, confusion or mental illness. The hands address our executive ability, the ability to do things as well as handle or cope with our patterns, emotions or life itself!

Private Treatments

Private treatments are available in Santa Rosa, California. Cindy and Dean will travel to you – see Meta Days below.

There isn’t any need to talk about your issues during a Metamorphosis treatment. If you feel inclined to talk about them, Cindy’s approach is to teach you how to view your problem or situation from the Metamorphosis perspective. She finds that this helps to ease your mind, allowing space for tension to ease. She encourages you to be kind to yourself. We all have tension, and as it eases, you will feel freer, lighter and happier.

Her clients tell her that the combination of hearing the bigger picture and reeving regular Metamorphosis treatments is a powerful experience. Clients share stories of being able to provide greater support to their own families, having physical issues ease or go away, and coming to terms with grief or trauma. It is common to hear that they feel very supported in their process.

Cindy feels it is a gift to embrace a body of work that honors the innate intelligence of the person receiving the treatment. She loves that you are in charge and that over time, you feel the depth of your inner strength and ability. She is honored to provide support while you go through the experience of letting deep tension ease, allowing for things to change.

Meta Days in your Home

Cindy and Dean are happy to come to your home if you have 4-6 people who want to receive a treatment. We can travel within California, to Washington, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico. All we need is a quiet space to work. If we can drive to you, we will bring our own massage tables, otherwise you will need to have two massage tables available. We would love to come introduce Metamorphosis to you, your family and friends.


How Metamorphosis Might Benefit You

Personal Growth: Get to the root of your troubles without endless analysis. Take your focus off what is wrong in your life and allow change to come into your life! This is allowing versus doing – often a huge shift in consciousness!

Health and Well-Being We are designed to be self healing and when tension is removed the body/mind/spirit regains balance and thus health.

Autism, Down Syndrome, Conditions… One of the wonders of Metamorphosis is that these deep seated patterns can change dramatically, especially in children. We tend to label, and thus own, our patterns. This inhibits ones ability to let go of their patterns. Children do not typically identify with their patterns, so their ability to let go, regardless of the severity, is profoundly evident.

Emotional Issues: Do you find that you repeatedly experiene the same negative emotions – anger, resentment, depression, etc. Or possibly you have the pattern of creating chaos and drama in your life. As unconscious tension eases your negative reactions ease, allowing you to be more creative and positive in your feelings, thoughts and actions.

Grief: As inner tension eases it becomes easier to deal with difficult situations. Metamorphosis helps with your ability to cope with deep loss and pain, easing the recovery process.

Relationship Issues: Negative dynamics come from unconscious patterns. Understanding this helps you take things less personally. As you change within yourself, you will naturally experience a change in your existing relationships and gravitate towards healthier situations.

Injuries: We are naturally self healing. When we get injured and are slow to recover or do not fully recover – there is tension blocking the natural self-healing process. Metamorphosis addresses the unconscious tension that is inhibiting your recovery.

Trauma, Molestation Trauma settles in deep, regardless of how it happened. Often trust and intimacy issues ensue. Metamorphosis helps ease the deep seated tension you were conceived with, and as this eases, it is easier to find the strength to deal with challenging issues. Eventually, the event/s will feel further and further away, no longer having a hold on you.

Addictions: Whether it is food, drugs, cigarettes, sex, work or another vice of choice – they all serve to help us cope with our internal, unconscious tensions. Rather than take a coping mechanism away, which often leads to finding a new one, we create balance within. As this occurs, the negative behavior falls away.

Transition: What a great time to bring support into your life. Metamorphosis helps you move forward in a positive direction. Consider the wonderful opportunities that lie ahead. All challenges have the potential for great change and growth – even a Metamorphosis!

Animal Care: Animals are very responsive to Metamorphosis for behavior, health and overall well-being. Great for all animals big and small.

Pregnancy: Working on a pregnant woman has the added benefit of working on mother and child. Metamorphosis helps the whole family adjust to your new addition.

Another benefit for pregnant women is that we work gently on the spine. As tension affecting the low back lets go, labor and delivery often become easier and less painful.