Easing deep chronic tension
Creating healthier relationships & greater well-being

Metamorphosis is a beautifully simple and deeply profound approach to understanding that we are infused with a level of tension at the moment of conception, via our DNA and various other ethereal energies. This underlying tension is unconscious and creates the patterns of tension that we view as negative personality traits, symptoms of all sorts, our issues, and conflicts. The degree of tension determines how well you function in life. The greater the tension within, the harder day to day life is.

The principles of Metamorphosis offer a simple, yet comprehensive, perspective that explains all the conflict, drama and dis-ease of the world. This includes the global dilemmas, negative family dynamics, your individual issues, relationship problems, etc. All conflict and dis-ease arise from this unconscious level of tension.

The hands-on practice allows you to access this tension, without analysis or interpretation. We honor that you do your own inner work, providing a sense of empowerment, along with the opportunity to create more peace within. As this deeper level of tension eases, you feel better and are more in harmony with the world. Creating healthier happier homes means a more peaceful world!

The beauty of Metamorphosis is that you can practice this work in your home, helping your family function better. It is also for use as a professional practice – often appreciated by Reflexologists, Holistic Practitioners, Midwifes, Doulas and Veterinarians.

Metamorphosis was founded by Robert St. John. The work began in the 1950’s and evolved over time until his passing in 1996. Cindy Silverlock studied with Robert from 1989-1996. She has embraced and embodied the principles and practice since 1989. Her passion is in helping you create a more loving relationship with yourself, others and the world.